Anthi (Nigrita Municipality, Serres County)
“Baboogeroi” Cheesefare Sunday, Ash/Clean Monday


In the performance (“dromeno”) called “Baboogeroi” young people of the village participate and wear black or brown processed goat-pelts and hang five bells around their waist, one large “batali” and four smaller ones “kypria”. Over the shoulder they wear a shawl, decorated with gold coins, golden ribbons and fringes. On the head they put on the “Babousarka” a black peaked head mask that covers the face and is over one meter tall. It is decorated on the front, with rows of colourful beads, ribbons and fringes, whereas on top there are colourful scarves.
On Cheesefare Sunday, in the morning, the “Baboogeroi”, once they dress up, they go to the church of Saint George, the patron of the community, to get his blessing. They wander the houses of the village shaking their bells to chase away evil and awaken nature. Then they gather up in the village square where they begin to dance to the unique music of “Babougeroi” played by the zourna (wind instrument) and daouli (drum).


The performance (“dromeno”) ends on Ash Monday when all “Babougeroi” gather in the square and dance the dance of “Babougeroi” and a feast commences with the participation of residents and visitors of the village.